Outdoor Rock Climbing Classes and Climbing Adventures

Best Outdoor Activities in Southern California and Joshua Tree National Park Get ready to “rock your socks off” and discover fun outdoor activities with us. Find your secret strengths thru rock climbing, defy physics walking up-and-down vertical walls on a rappel lesson, or plan your next group event with us. Visitors from all over the world are sharing … Read more

Ancient Tomorrow, Movie Premier

The premiere will be on Thursday, January 26th 2017 at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Ancient Tomorrow is a non-fiction 90 minute documentary film that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young ecovisionary (JJ Yosh) who discovers an ancient technology that might be our only chance for survival. WATCH: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ancienttom… … Read more

Climbing Club Membership

Join the RCED Climbing Club As part of our mission to promote fun, safe climbing, we are inviting you to climb with us. The club offers a practical environment for climbers of all levels to test their mettle, especially those that are new to climbing outdoors. Our Climbing Club Membership is particularly great for avid outdoor … Read more

Things to Do in California – Outdoor Rock Climbing

There are lots of things to do in California, and one of today’s most fun activities is outdoor rock climbing. Not only will it bring you closer to nature, but it is also a good way to stay fit. Rock climbing requires some amount of endurance and strength. You can research rock climbing adventure tours … Read more

Best Rock Climbing Adventure in California

If you ever visit California, there is no better way to satisfy your crave for extreme activities and enjoyment than to go on an outdoor rock climbing adventure. Step out of the routine and find a rock climbing tour in a nearby area, you will be in for a real treat. Here are some of … Read more

Rock Climbing Anchors – Picking Your Classes

Rock climbing anchors are highly important, must haves if you would like to go climbing on your own. There’s nothing like setting up your own harness systems, ensuring your safety on a climb and eventually reaching the summit you’ve been targeting. This is why taking up anchor building classes is very much crucial, especially if … Read more

Los Angeles Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Los Angeles Los Angeles rock climbing offers a great challenge to us all. One of the most popular locations is Stoney Point Park, which is a historic site with natural rocks outcropping east of Topanga Canyon Boulevard. It is considered one of the favorite local hiking spots. Travelers come from all over to hike, … Read more

Joshua Tree Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree Joshua Tree offers world-class rock climbing in high desert monzogranite. Famous for its traditional crack and slab climbing, it is nearly 800,000 acres. It houses more than 400 climbing formations and thousands of climbing routes for all levels of climbing ability. Plan Your Experience Today! Photo: Founder of Rock Climb Every Day trad leading Touch and Go. Joshua Tree National … Read more