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Experience the amazing world of outdoor rock climbing. Be a part of what has thrilled visitors from all over the world! Learn the tricks used by professionals to make what seems impossible, possible.

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Multiple locations to chose from across Southern California!

Rock climbing classes , personalized instruction and the best outdoor adventures in Southern California. Learn how to rock climbing, use a carabiner, manage a climbing rope, top-rope or lead climb outdoors, how to build climbing anchors, learn how to belay a climber, how to rappel, what gear is needed and most importantly; safety.

What makes our outdoor program unique?

  • “Our commitment to you goes far beyond the class by providing free outdoor climbing events, which allow students more time to practice skills learned and make new friends…” – Owner
  • Professional Certified Instructors
  • All rental gear included at no extra charge
  • Easy online registration
  • Small client-to-guide ratios
  • One-on-one private climbing instruction
  • Climb Southern California and Joshua Tree National Park; a world-class climbing destination
  • Outdoor Adventure trips; great for climbers and non-climbers
  • Technical and lead climbing classes
  • Family Fun trips!

There’s completely and totally no excuse not to give it a try. Climbing is the very best experience for all active outdoor fans!

Your #1 Choice for Outdoor Rock Climbing in California

To maximize your experience, we are open year round and offer a great variety of services, such as; rappelling adventures, beginner rock climbing classes, anchor building, lead courses of both traditional and sport climbing, multi-pitch, self-rescue, women-only classes, guided adventure tours, group climbing and team building events, single and multi-day events, custom coursesprivate climbing instruction, gift cards and fundraising opportunities.

Rock Climb Every Day is proud to service Los Angeles, California area and world-class outdoor climbing destination – Joshua Tree National Park.