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Rock climbing classes, rappelling and guided adventures

Our climbing classes and adventures are lead by the best certified instructors in the field. Get started on an epic outdoor rock climbing experience! Create new memories, have fun with family and friends, and concur endless possibilities.

Rock Climb Every Day specializes in providing you a safe and fun experience. Because we know you are in search of mastering the skills of outdoor rock climbing and want join the thrill of walking on vertical walls safely.

We’re experts on helping you learn, as a result we are confident enough to offer a large variety of climbing classes and therefore offer students a learn to rock climb guarantee.

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Learn to Rock Climb Guarantee

Well it’s pretty simple. Your safety is our priority, so we guarantee that during your climbing class and with the help of our professional instructors you will be able to rock climb by the time you have completed your climbing lesson. If it takes you a little longer to reach this goal, you will have the opportunity to join us on future outdoor climbing events at no additional cost.

As certified rock climbing experts, the guiding crew at Rock Climb Every Day understands the risks involved with indoor and outdoor climbing. In fact, the leading causes of accidental death or climbing incidents are not caused by equipment failure, but by improper use of equipment or lack of skills required to use the equipment properly.


Private Rock Climbing Lessons Achieve Results

We believe that our private rock climbing lessons are the best way to make sure that you are getting that one-on-one attention. Our Learn to Rock Climb Guarantee applies to our private and group lessons, which are undertaken in a short space of time to maximize the learning momentum. In most cases one four hour lesson allows enough time to acquire the foundation that can be easily built upon with regular practice.

You might be asking, why should I choose private lessons over group lessons? Well, while private climbing lessons may seem like a bigger investment at first, learning rock climbing skills in a group setting can take much longer.

Consistency and personal attention are a vital part of our rock climbing lessons, and what makes our Learn to Rock Climb Guarantee so unique.

If you don’t have a climbing partner or friend, not a problem. After attending our courses, you are provided ways to help to join more outdoor rock climbing events, meet new climbers, polish on skills and make new friends.

If you are already a climber, continuing your education will definitely improve your skills.

Climbing provides challenge, focus, flexibility, and is a fun way to exercise your body and mind.

In conclusion, there is definitely a lot of information to learn and our mission is to help you every step of the way. We want you to learn about climbing technique, climbing equipment, safety and how to keep outdoor climbing areas intact. Most of all , climbers who have a good foundation help to keep our rock climbing areas safe for everyone.