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Climb Smart 2017

This year’s Friends of Joshua Tree Climb Smart event is once again happening at the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground and inside Joshua Tree National Park – perfect grounds for the climbing community to encourage education. Climb Smart 2017 Registration Highlights three days of camping 6 climbing clinics lead by accredited guides two catered dinners Friday …

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First time climbers who inspire

This gal has a heart of gold and determination. She climbed for three days straight, this being her first time climbing ever. Her Inspiring Three Day Rock Climbing Journey On her first day she struggled a lot. Trying an easy climb and only being able to complete one route in a half day left her …

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Fun Outdoor Activities – Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the sun with our cool staff is always to be expected. Regardless of age, we know how to make a day outdoors both challenging and rewarding.

Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Offering fun outdoor activities like rappelling of a 50 or even 100 foot wall, climbing semi-vertical rock walls like a movie star, or simply enjoying Southern California’s most legendary climbing destinations.

Have your picture taken, while you are looking mega cool on the walls. Share your adventure on social media, letting the entire world that, YES, you did it.

Rock Climb Every Day offers adventures for all ages. Bringing you smiles, in a welcoming environment focused on safety and making it happen, is our expertise.

Plan your experience today and let it be your photo being featured on our next blog!

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Rock Climbing Training Videos; Neil Gresham’s Masterclass

With the new wave of people now interested in rock climbing, there is an increased need to develop training programs that will help new climbers learn good technique. The beginning stages of your training will be the most important, because it will set the curve to how good or how bad of a climbers you …

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Elena Showing Off Her Crack Climbing Skills

When a gym climber plays in the outdoors, they quickly learn there are many more climbing styles to be mastered – such as crack climbing. Elena has discovered this other side of climbing, which was unknown to her, and you can see her big smile while she goes up the wall. I believe she also …

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Sports Utility Vehicles for Active Outdoor Lovers

You are now part of the outdoor revolution of people who are breaking the norm and boredom of staying indoors, and hitting the road in search of new adventures. Small compact economical or fuel efficient electric cars are a thing of the past – because they don’t have enough room to hold all your new …

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