Top Rock Climbing Destinations in Southern California

If you ever visit California, there is no better way to satisfy your crave for extreme activities and enjoyment than to go on an outdoor rock climbing adventure. Step out of the routine and find a rock climbing tour nearby, you will be in for a real treat. Lets break down a few top climbing spots.

List of Southern California’s Best Rock Climbing Destinations

Joshua Tree National Park

A MUST visit location – Definitely worth the drive, whether you are with family or friends. Only a few hours away from Los Angeles and about forty minutes from Palm Springs. With it’s a large number of climbing areas and innumerable rock formations, there is always something to do for everybody. Kids and teens often scramble up the tall rock formations in search of an adventure.

Joshua Tree National Park is a widely acclaimed climbing destination. From tenderfoots to more propelled expertise levels. Adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the amazing rock climbing experience offering crack and slab climbing. It is considered the mecca of Southern California for being a world-class climbing destination, often referred to as “climbers playground”.

The outdoor desert landscape is incredible, as well! Because of its prominence, there is entirely restricted outdoor space. However, be aware that you will never find running water in the area, therefore be sure to bring plenty of water with you before entering the park.

Echo Cliffs

Echo Cliffs is another prime destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. Located in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles. It is frequently visited by the advanced rock climbers, due to its moderate challenging routes.

Point Dume

The environment of this rock climbing destination speaks to the encapsulation of Malibu; sand, sun and everything great that you can find within a short distance of Los Angeles.

Point Dume highlights the bigger state shoreline, which has a similar name and presents a test as a precipice directly on the shoreline. It may get crowded, especially during the weekend, so it is recommended to go there during the non-peek traffic hours or during the week. There are only a handful of climbing routes in this area, but the breathtaking beach side make for an unforgettable experience.

Vasquez Rocks

Located in the eastern part of Los Angeles, California, Vasquez resembles something similar to the rocky surface of Mars.  In fact, this place has been the setting for numerous Hollywood sci-fi movies like Tremors, Bill and Ted and Star Trek.  There are various marked climbing routes in the area however the area is only restricted to top-roping.

Malibu Creek State Park

This rock climbing adventure haven offers a lot of climbing spots for beginners (teens and kids) as well as experts.  The most renowned areas for climbing would be the Mash Boulder, Ghetto Wall and Planet of the Apes. Planet of the apes wall has been used for the filming of many popular movies.

The next time you plan an outdoor trip, try to visit some of these great locations, which can offer a great rock climbing experience.  Aside from getting the adrenalin rush, it will also give you a chance to socialize with other outdoor rock climbing enthusiast – who may be having a fun day in the area.