About Us

Rock Climb Every Day is family owned and runs its outdoor program in Southern California. As professionals in the climbing field, outdoor fan, parents and members of our community; we enjoy bringing people together to learn rock climbing skills outdoors. We really understand and share our passion for the sport and the great outdoors.

Why students choose Rock Climb Every Day?

Our professional certified instructors go far beyond what is needed to provide you a great experience and are highly skilled in finding the best ways to learn skills quickly. We pride ourselves in having a unique outdoor education program that extends beyond the class.

After you complete a class with us, we will send you invitations to come back for climbing outings on a regular basis. These great organized events give you an opportunity to meet new climbers, polish on skills and make new friends.

Experienced climbers come back for continuing education and to improve skills. Our extended course options provide a great variety of knowledge that can then be used to keep you and your partner safe.

Climbing brings challenge, focus, flexibility and great benefit to your body and mind. There is definitely a lot of information to learn, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to graduate safe and competent outdoor climbers. We want you to learn about technique, proper equipment use, safety and how to keep outdoor climbing areas intact. Climbers who have a good foundation help to keep our rock climbing areas safe for everyone. We are here to assist you in achieving your goals, regardless of your experience or ability.

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Featured as one of LA’s best health, fitness and active life businesses by VoyageLA Magazine! Also, featured as one of Palm Springs’ best local desert finds by Palm Springs Life.

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