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Climb Smart 2017

This year’s Friends of Joshua Tree Climb Smart event is once again happening at the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground and inside Joshua Tree National Park – perfect grounds for the climbing community to encourage education. Climb Smart 2017 Registration Highlights three days of camping 6 climbing clinics lead by accredited guides two catered dinners Friday …

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Elena Showing Off Her Crack Climbing Skills

When a gym climber plays in the outdoors, they quickly learn there are many more climbing styles to be mastered – such as crack climbing. Elena has discovered this other side of climbing, which was unknown to her, and you can see her big smile while she goes up the wall. I believe she also …

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Ancient Tomorrow, Movie Premier

The premiere will be on Thursday, January 26th 2017 at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Ancient Tomorrow is a non-fiction 90 minute documentary film that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young ecovisionary (JJ Yosh) who discovers an ancient technology that might be our only chance for survival. WATCH:… …

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Indoor Climbing Gyms in Southern California

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring . . . blabla You want to rock climb, but weather conditions are horrible and you need to get your fix. It’s time to give in and do a little indoor climbing – I know! Is not the same and will never compare to climbing outdoors, …

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Outdoor rock climbing adventures with Rock Climb Every Day

Climb outdoors with Rock Climb Every Day! Rock climbing California and Joshua Tree National Park. Learn climbing knots, partner safety checks, spot your lead partner, make new friends, get the whole family involved and start your adventure today!

Overhand and Figure Eight Knot on a Bight

The overhand knot and figure eight knot on a bight, can be attached to an anchor leg or used to secure the rope. Tech Video – Overhand knot and figure eight knot on a bight This video is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to qualify as official climbing training. You are responsible …

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How to Tie a Stopper Knot or Double Overhand Knot

The Stopper Knot is a great backup to other knots. It can be added to the end of the rope, or after another knot to increase security. This particular knot is most commonly used at the end of the rope;  when setting up to rappel, at the end of the rope on the belay side …

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