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The climbing self rescue class focuses on skills every avid climber should have. Learn how to get yourself, and your partner, out of tricky situations when professional help is unavailable.

Because the more you know, the safer you will be.

Run “dummy” self-rescue scenarios with your certified guide and other students, so you can be better prepared when a real situation arises. The skill you learn on the self rescue course will come in handy when you least expect it. You’ll be glad to be on top of your game!

The full-day climbing self-rescue is highly recommended, as this course contains a lot of information that can feel rushed during a half-day session. If you are familiar with most knots, auto-block systems, have a lot of outdoor experience, and are a fast learner - then the half-day may be ok for you.

Price: Half-Day / Full-Day
$195 / $295
$100 per additional participant
Duration: 4 hrs / 8 hrs
Prerequisite: Prior top-rope climbing experience.

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  • how to escape belay, weighted and unweighted
  • load transfers and how to manage them
  • ascending a rope and it's multiple uses
  • how to rescue and ascend to aid an injured or fallen climber using an auto-locking device (ie. Gri-Gri) as well as lowering the both of you to the ground
  • friction hitches for slings and cord
  • backing up rappels with an auto-block knot
  • lowering system with a re-directed auto-locking device
  • lowering system with a munter hitch backed-up with an auto-block knot
  • multiple uses of a munter and belay backups
  • the tandem rappel system
  • basic 3-to-1 “Z” hauling systems with an auto-locking device


  • Lifetime Membership to our Climbing Club!
  • Rock climbing equipment. Feel free to bring your own, as practicing self-rescue with your own equipment will better prepare you for real situations.
  • Climbing shoes
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Professional guide

Things to Bring

  • Sturdy walking or hiking shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Plenty of water
  • Sun protection
  • Lunch/snack (recommended)
  • Day pack (recommended)


  • Joshua Tree National Park entrance fee (only applicable to Joshua Tree location)
  • Gratuities (optional)
climbing self rescue, self rescue class, basic, climbing, self, rescue, class, course, los angeles, joshua tree, california, outdoor

Learn rock climbing self rescue skills with certified instructors

Climbing self rescue, and having a problem come up while climbing outdoors, is usually that last thing on our minds. Is often too late to come up with a safe solutions when a bad situation develops. Even for those who already have the skills required, it is natural to desire never to have to use them. But, it is better to have them and not use them - than not to have them at all.

Most climbing incidents happen due to human error; dropping your belay device, getting your arm stuck on that awesome wide crack, having your partner pass out while climbing due to dehydration, grabbing that awesome pocket full of spiders, your follower is not moving and you can't see them, etc. We could make a long list of what if's but it would never end. The point is, part of your climbing education should include efficiency and safety. Climbing self-rescue offers an even bigger aspect of safety skills that can be used in an immense number of situations, including non-emergency ones.

The goal of the climbing self-rescue class is to help you master the skills needed in a variety of scenarios. Working closely with a professional certified instructor, with many years of training and experience, will bringing you the latest safety standards in the industry.

To maximize your experience, we are open year round and offer services for all levels – from complete novice to avid climbers. Outdoor rock climbing is our expertise. We are proud to operate with the highest standards of the industry and run our tours in Southern California, Los Angeles and world-class outdoor climbing destination – Joshua Tree National Park.