Elena Showing Off Her Crack Climbing Skills

When a gym climber plays in the outdoors, they quickly learn there are many more climbing styles to be mastered – such as crack climbing.

Elena has discovered this other side of climbing, which was unknown to her, and you can see her big smile while she goes up the wall. I believe she also mentioned how much she like it a few times.

Crack climbing requires a variety of different movements, which are very different from the typical face climbing or juggy holds you find at indoor gyms.

Nowadays, many gyms offer a limited selection of cracks,  but they don’t represent well the variety of features you’ll find outside. The uniformity and complex features of outdoor-cracks makes them much easier to climb.

Way back when, and even today, most people like to use athletic tape to protect their knuckles. Although, there are newer and more convenient ways to protect your hands such as – crack climbing gloves, which are made with leather and rubber and take seconds to put on.

If you haven’t given crack-climbing a chance, come join us outdoors sometime and give it a shot. You may hate it or love it, there no way of knowing until you experience the fist jams, hand jams, toe-jams, finger locks, and all the fun varieties of wedging your body parts into a crack!

Climb On!