First time climbers who inspire

This gal has a heart of gold and determination. She climbed for three days straight, this being her first time climbing ever.

Her Inspiring Three Day Rock Climbing Journey

On her first day she struggled a lot. Trying an easy climb and only being able to complete one route in a half day left her feeling incomplete.

On her second day she climbed three routes. As her inspiration grew with her accomplishments. She learned how quickly her body was able to adapt and understand climbing technique.

On her third day, right away, she climbed non-stop. Climb after climb, we began to grow curious as to why she so eager to climb again, right after completing each route. Her response was, “I have a goal to climb ten routes today!”. So regardless of how very hard it might have been for her in the beginning, she was on a mission to climb ten routes by the end of the day.

Two routes before her goal, she began to feel her body giving up. It is quite common, for any beginner, not to have enough energy to rock climb all day (especially if you are not an athlete).

Towards the end of the day, she didn’t give up. Her body said no, but her mind said, “keep pushing!”. As she struggled during her last climb of the day, she was remembering her first day climbing. How different her days had been from one another. How quickly she could see progress.

That Rewarding Feeling

Once on the ground, she began to explain how much this meant to her. To go from thinking climbing would be impossible for her, to actually setting a high goal for herself on her third day – and actually make it! She expressed how fun climbing was for her. How much joy reaching a summit would bring to her. Touching that top-rope anchor, feeling thankful to have good friends around and the great support of our guides.

This brings me back to the basics and the importance of being supportive and positive to one another when out there with our partners.

Learning to climb with a professional is always advisable. Certified instructors have the training and experience needed to help you every step of the way. Climbing can be a fun activity that can be shared with others or can be done alone. Learning the basic techniques used to move across rock formations efficiently is one of the most commonly skipped steps when introduced to climbing for the first time.

We are truly inspired by this gal. Her determination will take her to high places, not just in climbing but in life. Working hard to accomplish her goals, will bring her great rewards.