The Best Rock Climbing Shoes for You

If you enjoy rock climbing, you need to make sure that you have the best climbing shoes to fit you. Make sure that you are comfortable and safe whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or you are working on becoming a professional.

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Who Makes Rock Climbing Shoes?

Some of the best climbing shoes are made by Evolv, La Sportiva, Five Ten, Scarpa , Mad Rock and other less known companies. Find the right climbing shoe that will fit perfect for each one of your needs.

Why Do I Need Rock Climbing Shoes?

Once you get outdoors and begin to experience rock climbing in California you will want to make it a point to visit other locations and explore different rock formations from volcanic, granite, and many more. Having the right shoes while testing different rock formations will be key to successfully accomplish your sends and save your toes from pain.

Why Use Rock Climbing Shoes?

Rock climbing shoes are especially designed to grip on rock formations. They don’t look very grippy, but they are. Usually they do not have much padding, have a very close fitting and have a smooth/sticky rubber sole. They are not made for hiking or walking around the base of a climbing wall, so it is always a good idea to keep your other track or hiking shoes handy and switch them around when needed. The rubber sole underneath them is made with a special sticky rubber developed specifically for climbing. Once you apply pressure with your own weight, climbing shoes will grip to the rock like glue. The lack of padding is purposely done, so that you can feel the rock formation with your toes, therefore most people use them without socks. The close fitting works to ensure your toes fit together, making your big toe the most powerful area of your step, especially when facing small footholds. Leather is one of the most commonly used materials used inside of the climbing shoe to wrap your foot and top portion of your feet.

What Climbing Shoes Should I Get?

Usually rock climbing shoes are rated by performance. They will stipulate if it is a comfortable or aggressive shoe. Some a pretty obvious, because the shape looks sort of unnatural. If you are a beginner, there is absolutely no need for you to buy a high performance shoe. You will waste your energy and money, plus you won’t be comfortable enough to practice proper footwork. Once you have advanced to a higher level of climbing, start working on crack climbing, or even take on some competitions – then you can move on to getting the appropriate climbing shoe for that.

Finding the right rock climbing shoes is very important to help you grip the sides of rocks. There are so many places all over the country that are perfect for climbing which means that you want to enjoy every single one of them with the best climbing shoes out there. Once you have become addicted to climbing there is nothing more fun than to summiting the highest mountains in California and everywhere else on your tick list.

When you are looking into all of the best options for your climbing shoes, you want to make sure that you have a brand that is both comfortable and affordable. Some people think one brand may be better than the other, but every brand is different in their own way. All rock shoes are designed by different individuals and when you have a big selection of brands, it just means there may be an even better fit for your feet out there. Don’t stop at the brand, try both male and female versions of them. Sometimes a male version may fit a woman better than their own version of the shoe.