Touch and Go, Joshua Tree National Park – California

Olga leading Touch and Go, a fun classic trad climb located inside Joshua Tree National Park in California; world-class climbing destination often referred to as “climber’s playground”.

We asked her to give us some feedback on the route and she said, “The route is fun. Is definitely one of the hardest 5.9’s I have ever climbed. There is too much chalk in places that don’t serve well as holds, so a leader needs to focus on making the moves that feel natural, rather than following chalk marks.”

We asked about beta and she said, “There is a combination of hand jams, stemming, drop knees, laybacks, face climbing and high steps – the combination of everything makes this climb a truly fun classic. I didn’t use the crack on the right side very much, if at all but to stem. Route protects very well, making it safer than most leads in Joshua Tree . . .”

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Touch and Go Route Info

Touch and Go is a trad route rated 5.9, it can be done with a standard rack, and is located on the Echo Cove Back Side area. Its first ascent was made by Matt Cox, Bobby Kessinger and Dan Ahlborn in 1976.

Photography by: Chris Rodriguez

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