Tomorrow we will be rock climbing once again . . .

We truly enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with old friends, making new friends, having a few laughs, sharing our progress and helping each other complete our projects. Tomorrow we will be rock climbing one again, because it makes us stronger individuals physically, mentally and spiritually; This all comes hand in hand with strengthening our community by allowing us to work on ourselves as individuals.

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Rock climbing is a great activity and sport to be shared with the entire family. It has helped many get a different perspective of life, its obstacles and how to overcome them with hard work and focus. For others, it has become therapy towards overcoming fears we face on our daily lives. Fear or getting hurt, fear of not being able to do something we want to do, fear of failure, fear of what others might think if we fail.

So the next time you see us and ask, “hey, what are you doing tomorrow?” you can be 99% sure we will respond with, “tomorrow we will be rock climbing once again” because every morning, day and night the mountains call for us and we must go to them.

Climb on and stay safe!