Ways to stay cool this summer

Many people are afraid of getting out during the summer months, because we are in California and the dry heat and sun affect everyone. If you are looking for ways to stay cool this summer, you have come to the right place. There are many ways in which you can enjoy your summer outside in comfort and we are going to break down a few of those right here.


Things to do to make your summer outing more enjoyable:

  • Find or make shade – yes, find it or make it. If you are going to the beach, bring a beach umbrella or canopy. You will find it so easy and relaxing to have the option to step under the sun for a few minutes and step right back under the shade. Bring a cooler with lots of cold treats and drinks, stay out there all day, bring games, beach chairs, towels, even a picnic blanket. Same for when you go anywhere else – camping, fishing. Find a tree, or bring your own shade.
  • Stay hydrated – summer months call for margaritas and beer. Well, it is very easy to drink alcohol AND water! Water is vital for our daily lives, but during the summer months it is every more necessary than what we often think. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not all at once, don’t try to play catch-up because you didn’t drink enough all day. It is best to drink a glass here and there throughout the day, whenever possible. Water is key. I am drinking a glass while I am typing this.
  • Sunscreen – so many people think sun screen is only for the beach. Well, not these days! Now a days it is important to use a light base sunscreen even if you are just going to the grocery store. If you plan a day out, and you know you will be exposed to the sun, then put some on before you leave home. Re-apply throughout the day. Sunscreen doesn’t last forever, so if you have a moment to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day, do it.
  • Sun hats and sunglasses – when you squint you speed up the process of getting wrinkles around your eyes! So if you want to keep your facial skin looking young, get yourself a pair of sunglasses. A baseball cap or sun hats work great for being outdoors. Ball caps usually protect your eyes and sun hats protect your entire face, plus your neck.
  • Let your body acclimate to the area – don’t blast your car’s a/c at 68 degrees while driving to a place you know is going to be hotter than the Sahara desert. Allowing your body to gradually change temperatures is way more comfortable than the “shock factor”.

It is really not that difficult to find better ways to avoid the summer heat while being outside. So if you want to get out, find ways to stay cool this summer, don’t let the heat stop you, don’t let it win the battle, make the best out of your day in combination with these tips and have a wonderful time outside.

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