Great Places to Rock Climb for Beginners

Often times we are approached by individuals that are interested in rock climbing, but do not have friends with common interests or know where would be best for them to go. Most of the local outdoor rock climbing areas require equipment and knowledge that is a bit ahead of a rock climbing beginner. Other indoor places require testing to be performed before even getting on roped walls, which can also be intimidating to a beginner. After all, beginners usually start out liking the sport and wanting to learn the proper technique used to move your body on walls.

If you are searching for great places to rock climb for beginners, we have found a local place that might be perfect for you. Now let’s break down the greatness of one of our favorite indoor gyms, Top Out Climbing located in Santa Clarita, CA. Top Out thrives at making their location, not just a gym but a community. There is no better place for a beginner to practice climbing technique, than an indoor gym that requires no belay partner or testing. It mostly consists of bouldering areas, but it offers a great variety of top rope routes. They have 7 “auto-belay” machines that make it easy for those who do not have a partner. Each auto-belay machine offers a variety of routes that range in all levels from beginner to advance. If you still don’t know your knots or how to belay, not a problem – it is not required for you to know them, because they have machines that allow you to clip-and-go, which makes them the great place for beginners to start learning technique. You can also rent a harness, shoes and chalk bag for a small fee.

When it comes to climbing outdoors for beginners there are two options; (1) Find a climbing friend (and if he/she is not your friend – MAKE them your friend) that has extra gear (if you don’t have any), experience, knowledge, skills, and can take you with them to local places that offer easy routes. (2) Hire a company (like us heehee) to take you out for a guided tour, or better yet – a beginner’s class, so you can learn how to tie in to a rope, how to belay a partner, and all the other information that you would need to pass an indoor gym test with confidence. Rock Climb Every Day thrives at making beginners feel welcome and become part of the climbing community. All gear and equipment rentals (shoes, harness, and helmets) are included in the different packages offered.

Rock Climbing Classes

Where ever you decide to go, indoor or outdoor, make sure that your local facility or company provides the community environment that helps promote learning, making new friends, and being a safe climber. Most places will have the walls, machines and equipment you need, but having that personal friendly atmosphere makes all the difference in finding great places to rock climb for beginners.

Climb on and stay safe!