Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to bring out the most rugged hobbies your dad may have.

Let’s face it, some dads start out doing rugged activities in their young years, then they have children and move on to doing less risky things.

Some dads love fly fishing, others motorcycle riding, and some are happy with just having the meatiest BBQ in the neighborhood. So what else is there to get dad this year?

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Have you entertained the idea of rock climbing with your dad? Once in awhile (because is a man’s thing to do!), is a great to give your dad the gift of adrenaline.

Let’s break down some father’s day gift ideas. Starting with our own and adding some other favorites;

  • Activity Gift Certificates and Gift Cards – Rock Climb Every Day offers outdoor activity gifts that can be sent instantly. Gift an awesome activity, or a Gift Card for any amount – your choice. Simply the perfect gift for every budget and allows dad to pick his own adventure.
  • Fishing Pole – Dads who love fishing will never turn down a new fishing pole. Check out Bass Pro Shop!
  • Home Depot Gift Card – If your dad is one of those people that loves to fix things, or work on home improvements, a home depot gift certificate is spot on.
  • BBQ Utensils – Do not get your dad this, if he already has a great set!
  • House Slippers – Yes! Believe it or not, dads love house slippers… not the in between the toes ones!
  • Backpack – If your dad loves hiking, climbing, or any other type of outdoor activity. These usually require for you to carry a few essentials and water. Do a little research and get your dad the best pack for his favorite activity.
  • Picture frame If your dad is not the picture taking fanatic, shop for a nice frame. Print a nice family photo, add it to the frame and give your dad a special memory he can add to his wall art.
  • HDTV – When it comes to dad, money is not object. If your dad’s TV is too old, then go out of your way for the man who gave you life and just buy him a new TV.
  • Electric Guitar – If you dad plays any instruments, get him that, and add an amplifier to the mix.
  • Dinner – Make dinner or take your dad out to dinner. Either way, everyone loves to eat.

Father’s Day Happens Every Year!

So don’t splurge on gifts every year. Do this at least once or twice in your lifetime. The rest of the years, just make sure to find something special your dad will love. Sometimes, the best gifts offer something you both can enjoy together.

Father’s Day is a day to remember a special man in our lives, who put up with us since we were born. A man who raised you to be who you are today. No matter what you decide to do, make sure to consider fun outdoor activities for Father’s Day, which you can do for your dad and with your dad.