Climbing Gear Storage Ideas

For any avid climber, there comes a time where we need to brain store climbing gear storage ideas to help keep equipment organized and in good condition. It is especially important that all of your climbing equipment is placed away from harsh chemicals, extreme heat or cold.

Climbing ropes need to be organized to hang freely, without knots. When a rope gets humid or wet, it is important to let it air dry completely and away from the sun to avoid mold.

Climbing carabiners often get dropped or rub up against rock formations when we climb, so it is important we remove debris from them and properly inspect them for damage before or after every use.

Chrome Shelving Works Great for Climbing Gear Storage

Here we have some climbing gear store ideas that can help you in deciding how to organize your own.

Chrome shelving offers the benefit of having adjustable shelving, which is great to store plastic containers, large bags, climbing shoes, boxes and even your chalk bags. Almost everything I have on shelves is inside of a plastic container. Containers protect the shelving and my equipment. They also make it easy to slide items in and out of the shelves, for quick access and storage.

Side hooks, made specifically to be used with the chrome shelving, offers even more storage opportunities. Side hooks, are great to shore pace with one or even two side hooks. They are optional detachable add-on that works great to hang all your gear; harness, carabiners, quickdraws, trad rack and even small water packs you use frequently.

There are many alternatives when choosing the right storage design that works for your equipment. Some people have specially designed closets, others use wood shelving in their garages. The point is, you have options.

What works for some people, may not work well for you. Before you decide what storage equipment to use for your gear, make a list, carefully analyze the space you will need to store it efficiently and leave extra room. Leaving extra room in your design, will make it easier to store additional items once your list of equipment grows.