What rock climbing class should I take? – Intermediate (Part 2 of 3)


Once you have mastered the proper technique it is time to move on to learning new things, such as building anchors so that you can set up top ropes outdoors. Anchors, are those systems you build to be able to climb on Top Rope. The amount of information you learn during this period is much more extensive than what you would learn on a beginner’s class. It is important that you have had enough practice time as a beginner, before you decide to move on to taking an anchors class. Taking the information in one-step-at-a-time is always best than trying to rush into doing it all at once, getting overwhelmed, then making a mistake that can cost your life or someone else’s. By the time you are prepared to build anchors, everything you learned as a beginner should come naturally, without much effort. Still at this point, you can only build anchors on a route that can be reached by means of walking, hiking, or scrambling. Which means any route you want to set up, will need to have easy walking access.