Weekend trip to Tahquitz & Suicide Rocks

We are on our way to one of the most anticipated and amazing trips of the year, a weekend trip to Tahquitz & Suicide Rocks. With us we bring a mixed crew of about 30 campers, hikers and climbers. There will be outdoor grilling, cooking, singing, star gazing, camp fire, eating and drinking.

A big part of why we love bringing people together out to the great outdoors is, the given opportunity to step outside the box of our daily routines and step into something awesome.

If you have experienced big wall climbing, you must know this area or will someday. These areas have routes anywhere from 150ft all the way to 800ft, so there is plenty to explore. Lots of trad climbing here, so if you haven’t had the experience but are interested, just take a trad or muti-pitch climbing class with us.

This weekend we will have yet, another great opportunity to meet with old friends, meet new ones and even meet with some of our former students. We could not ask for a better way to see them all again.

Make your next climbing outing a big-wall trip. It will leave you thirty for more. While we head out for our weekend trip to Tahquitz & Suicide Rock we hope you are working your way up to your next adventure.

Climb on and stay safe!

Sale! Beginner Class in Joshua Tree $99 w/code “JOLLY”, w/min of 2 participants per trip thru Dec 31st! Dismiss