The joy of accomplishment in climbing

There is great reward and satisfaction that comes to us when we reach our goals. So we take as an example Athena’s story. A girl who devotes a lot of her time training to accomplish her climbing goals as we explain the joy of accomplishment in climbing that takes over her in this photo (below).


After months and months of indoor training, she (aka ClimbingKoda) puts herself to the test by going outdoors (pretty much every climber’s dream). Once on real rock, she was able to get a better idea of how prepared she felt to deal with sending a route on a natural rock formation.

Indoor training provides you with many simple ways to practice technique in a very comfortable and color coordinated setting. When you are outside, there are no more color holds or marked patterns to follow, so it takes a little more work to figure out. There is no such thing as air conditioning, padded floors, or in most cases even a restroom facility where you can wash your hands or do your business.

For many, outdoor rock climbing can be intimidating. The idea of banging your knee on a plastic hold seems so far away from dangerous than actually doing so on a real rock. So we keep ourselves in a safe place, until we feel ready to step outside.

After several outdoor trips, Athena finds herself in a place of peace with the great outdoors. Overcomes her initial fear of natural rock formations, the difficulty that follows mastering the send, and moves on to outdoor climbing more frequently. Then one day, as she is sending one of those outdoor challenging climbs, someone snaps a picture that captures the joy of accomplishment in climbing that overwhelms her spirit.

What is your next goal? What will you do to accomplish it? What time frame will you give yourself to get there? Will you be working on your goal alone or with others?

One of the many great things about climbing, is that you can have as many goals as you want to set for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to be the best climber in the world. Sending a route you have been dreaming of for ages, no matter how easy that route may be, can feel just as good.

Our weaknesses are like pebbles or stones in our path. Once we learn to recognize what those weaknesses are, we can focus on improvement. The time and energy spent to improve, is the journey. Accomplishment, big or small, will change your life forever.