How to Tie a Stopper Knot or Double Overhand Knot

The Stopper Knot is a great backup to other knots. It can be added to the end of the rope, or after another knot to increase security.

This particular knot is most commonly used at the end of the rope;  when setting up to rappel, at the end of the rope on the belay side when climbing top-rope, and at the end of any other finishing knot when building anchors.

We have seen the stopper knot at the end of a figure eight knot when climbers tie in and the tail end is too long. This of course is a bad habit to get into; a figure eight alone is strong enough without a stopper knot.

When you see a stopper knot at the end of the rope, it is usually referred to as “closing the system”. In the event that the rope was ever to be too short, the stopper knot will block the rope from coming out of your belay/rappel device. This particular stopper knot will not work on other devices used for canyoneering, or devices with a wider opening that are different from those used for rock climbing.

Tech Video | Stopper Knot or Double Overhand Knot

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