Find time to rock climb

Many people that really enjoy the sport find it difficult to find time to rock climb. In todays economy, we are all making ends meet and giving 120% of ourselves to our jobs. Once all the working hours per week are completed, you find yourself with very little or close to no time at all to rock climb.

Now a days there are many indoor possibilities for rock climbers. So not only you have the option to train, but you also have the comfort of having lighting at night, minimal or no approach and more. Regardless of these options, some still can’t find the time to train, stay in shape and enjoy the rock climbing sport overall. So what else can you do?

There is a saying, “where there is a will, there is away . . .”. That is something that we will apply to the alternative options available.

Find time to rock climb. We all know jobs are mentally and physically demanding. Being in good shape and finding a good balance between work and play are very important for our overall health. There is also the age factor, “you aren’t getting any younger . . .”, so when you keep postponing those things you love and make you happy for later on in life, you may not be able to enjoy them the same way.

Idyllwild, CA

There is another term we love to use, “YOLO – you only live once . . . “. We are not, by any means, saying you should be irresponsible. We are simply stating the fact that you only live once, and there are opportunities you will have that will never come around again.

If you work too many hours, find a gym close to your job. If you have kids, bring them with you or ask a friend to watch them for you (climbing is a family oriented activity). If you don’t have a climbing partner, go the extra mile to make new friends within the climbing community or join local climbing network groups (for example check out SoCal Mountaineers). Take a rock climbing class with us, we strives at making sure no climber is left behind. Bottom line is, you have options. The tricky part is, finding the one that works for your schedule.

Making the time to do healthy activities you love is important and good for your health. Your body and mind will Thank You.

Climb on and stay safe!

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