Father and Son Learning Rock Climbing Skills Outdoors

Parag is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He took his son, Aaditya, for an outdoor rock climbing lesson with Rock Climb Every Day. Through the sport of rock climbing, they had a great bonding experience while learning how to climb rocks outdoors with professional instruction. 

Throughout the day and during their first climbing experience, they learned proper equipment use, did some top rope climbing, scrambling, repelling, belaying, and learned some important safety skills required to climb with ropes.

One of the most challenging parts of the day for both of them was figuring out climbing technique and overcoming fear of heights, which is very natural for most people trying rock climbing for the first time. With a little instruction and patience, they managed to complete many routes successfully and took on every challenge that came their way.

Starting from a 40 foot wall, then moving onto a 55 foot wall and ending the day climbing a 100 foot wall – these two guys went home with a great feeling of accomplishment and lots of sore muscles.

Great job guys!