Basic Rock Climbing Equipment

Rock climbing is a fun, exciting challenge whether you go outdoors or enjoy the various indoor activity centers. The good news is that even beginners can enjoy the adventure that rock climbing brings, as there are climbing courses which start at very easy and work their way up.

However, you will need to have the right rock climbing equipment in order to get started. The good news is that you can find high quality rock climbing gear at low, competitive prices which means that you can start your new adventures without having to pay through the nose.

harness, climbing harness

Climbing Harness
This type of gear consists of the waist belt that fits snugly around the hips and adjustable or removable leg loops that goes over each leg. Your harness is the heart of your rock climbing gear and you will need one made from strong, high quality materials that will provide the needed support for your adventures.

climbing shoes, rock climbing shoes, la sportivaRock Climbing Shoes
The shoes are special-made to protect your feet and provide the necessary friction so that you can establish the proper footholds. The shoes should fit snugly without being too tight and the harder you climb the closer fitting the shoe should be to your foot. Remember, they are not made to walk long distances, so have another pair of shoes for hiking available.

climbing helmet, rock climbing helmetHelmet
A proper climbing helmet offers good protection against bumps, scrapes and small falling rocks. The helmet should be a snug fit, but not too tight as it sits flat on the head. Remember to secure the chin strap properly and that the helmet meets the UIAA regulations for rock climbing.

belay deviceBelay Device
This is a device that is used to control the rope and help secure your progress during a rock climb. It will help lower you down the rope, play out enough rope for your needs, and most importantly will catch your fall and stop something worse from happening.

carabiner, belay carabiner, hms, pear shape carabiner, locking carabinerCarabiners
These are the metal rings that have spring-loaded gates which connect the rope to the nuts, bolts, and camming devices that offer you protection during your climb. In addition, they are also used to create quick-draws and attach your rock climbing gear to the appropriate slings. Most climbers use a dozen or so carabiners.

quickdraws, quick-draws, climbingQuickdraws
These are two carabiners that are connected through a sling. You can create your own quickdraws or purchase them assembled. They help in increasing your speed through the climb and make your use of energy more efficient when climbing.

BlueWater-Dynamic-Climbing-RopeClimbing Ropes
There are two types of climbing ropes. Dynamic ropes have elastic woven inside that will absorb the energy of a fall while static ropes have no such elasticity and are mostly designed for rappelling or rescue operations. All climbing ropes should be UIAA approved for use.

Before you start any rock climb, be sure to check the gear thoroughly whether you rent or own the equipment. A little precaution can save you from enduring a considerable fall. Plus, you’ll want the best rock climbing equipment that will help protect you throughout the entire experience.