When does it pay to hire a guide?

We often hear questions about the value of professional instruction. When does it pay to hire a guide? Why can’t I just have a friend teach me to climb or set up anchor?

Here we will try to explain some of the process in terms of speed and cost.

Friend Professional
Cost is less Cost is more
Takes more time Takes less time
Missing details Detailed
More mistakes Less mistakes

After careful comparison, the results showed that if someone wants to get the most effective experience or instruction, hiring a professional is best. 

If someone chooses to save money in equipment and professional instruction in the spirits of “doing it yourself” they should be prepared to develop at a slower rate and learn more lessons by mistakes.  At some point, depending on what your final desired outcome is, trying to save money or doing it yourself, will eventually costs more in time spent correcting those mistakes.

If you ask yourself, when does it pay to hire a guide? Take the time to evaluate your situation and desired goal, then do comprehensive research before making a final decision.

Sometimes it pays to be cheap. But at some point, you pay by being cheap.