What rock climbing class should I take? – Advanced (Part 3 of 3)

After learning beginner knots, how to belay, and anchors people often ponder, what rock climbing class should I take next? The next step would be learning to lead routes. Yes, leading is a very important aspect of climbing, because there are many routes out there that do not have easy access to set up Top Rope, therefore you will need to trail your rope on Lead so that you can reach to top of your route. Leading splits into two categories; Sport and Trad. Sport leading can be done when routes have been previously bolted. Trad leading can be done when routes have NOT been previously bolted. Trad leading takes a lot more endurance than Sport leading, which is why most people start Sport Lead first, then move on to Trad Lead.

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From beginning to end… there is a lot of information to be learned and practiced with each step you take in your climbing routine and preference. You can choose to stay at a certain level, or choose to move on to learning more things. If you choose to stay in the middle, that is ok too – climbing is an individual choice and every person needs to follow their level and preference, but even if it is not your preference to move forward in your climbing routine, it is best to know as much information as possible so that you can be well prepared to help someone else in case of an emergency. Take an even bigger step and learn rescue, or how to rescue yourself. With limits, you will still be able to climb many routes, at many different locations. When you choose to move up on the learning curve, what you will gain is a higher amount of options and an even safer environment for you and everyone else around you. So when you ask yourself ,”What rock climbing class should I take?” take all that matters into consideration.