Spending a little, saves you a lot…

Rock Climb Every DaySome of you may wonder what equipment to buy for outdoor rock climbing. When and where to get it. That is one of the first questions we get from our students when they take their first class.

Some benefits to purchasing your own equipment

You will use it, you know where it has been, you know how and where it is stored, you know how old it is, you can inspect it’s condition, you won’t have to drive to a store to rent it, you won’t have to wait for a store/friend to be available to decide and join someone climbing, etc.

Climbing equipment is not cheap

It never has been, it never will be. There are always great sales out there that we can all benefit from. If you are truly interested in the sport and becoming an avid climber, remember this – any money spent on renting equipment is money you will spend in addition to purchasing your own equipment. So renting is fine, if you are shopping around and looking for the best deals, but getting your own equipment will eventually be more cost effective.

What should an aspiring climber get first?

Experience! Take some classes with professional certified climbing instructors. Then go shopping for a harness, belay device, belay carabiner, climbing shoes and a helmet. These are just some of the essentials you will need to get climbing outdoors with friends who already have rope and anchoring set-up experience. Gear can be found in packages, but if not – buying them separately, is not that much more. What should you get next? More classes, experience, your own rope and anchoring equipment.

Where to shop? RCED Climbing Gear Shop