Sleeping on a ledge; climber’s bucket list

Every climber has a check list of routes or places they would like to visit. In the photo above, we have a climber who’s desire, for the longest time, has been to sleep on a ledge, high up on a muti-pitch route while enjoying a nice meal, the sunset, a sky full of stars and waking up to an even more breath taking sunrishe. 

Many of us enjoy trad muti-pitch routes so much we wish we could spend more time on them. Well, if the route is not busy and you can find a cool big ledge on its side, why not give it a shot. Just make sure you are prepared with enought items you will need, such as; a head lamp, food, snacks, emergency blaket or jacket, plenty of water, and if you are not using a tent, pack all your thing in your bag to prevent critters from chewing on your gear. Learn about the animals that live in the area and weather conditions, before you decide on spending the night of course. Build an anchor and make sure you and your partner stay tied in to the master point, even when sleeping, with enough slack to move around the area without falling over.

So what is on your climbers bucket list?

Stay safe.

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