Rock Climbing Outdoors

Our outdoor rock climbing courses are tailored for different levels; people who have never climbed before, climbers who have some experience climbing indoors (and would like to gain the experience and skills needed to start rock climbing outdoors safely) and climbers who already have experience and want up increase their level of expertise.

Rock climbing outdoors is far more involving than climbing inside at a climbing wall and often feels slightly strange when you first try it – it is often physically a lot more subtle than climbing on a indoor wall with more emphasis being needed on precise footwork, body position and stamina. Outdoor conditions such as; weather, rock formation, vegetation, and technical terrain, can increase the level of risk and ability to focus needed to rock climb outdoors.

Personal climbing techniques need to be expanded because climbing outdoors is not just about pulling on crimps; you will need to learn to climb sloping cracks, smeary slabs and even the odd chimney. The character of the rock outside often offers a lot more potential solutions to climbing a particular section, but knowing which of those solutions to choose is dependent on experience.

We will help you understand how to deal with all these different situations whilst also helping you learn about the technical aspects involved in climbing outdoors – equipment, rope systems, anchors, constructing belays, belaying correctly, placing gear and retreating.

Sale! Beginner Class in Joshua Tree $99 w/code “JOLLY”, w/min of 2 participants per trip thru Dec 31st! Dismiss