Rock Climbing Clinics | Easy transition to outdoor climbing

All rock climbing clinics will include general information, things you need to take into consideration while climbing outdoors, plus a more detailed breakdown of the proper gear to use, when/how to use it and safety. Get expert-advice from professional certified instructors in the field.

Each clinic is $65 and has a maximum capacity of 30 participants. Confirmed participants will then be divided into groups with an assigned guide. Each sold-out clinic will have a waiting list; wait-listed members will not be charged until a spot becomes available.

This is our 3rd year running our outdoor clinics program. Previous years have been a huge success and have filled up quickly. Clinic are super affordable thanks to great generosity of supporters and sponsors, who want to provide outdoor education to those who don’t have the means to pay for private instruction or group courses.

Get your spots for 2017 and take your skills to the next level!

What to bring

  • Climbing equipment
  • Sturdy walking or hiking shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing*
  • Plenty of water
  • Sun Protection
  • A day pack
  • Lunch and/or Snack

What to expect

  • Easy to moderate hiking
  • Low to no cell phone reception
  • *Weather can change very quickly, make sure to bring warm and/or cold weather clothing.

Meeting Time: 8:00 AM
Duration: Full Day
Meeting Location: Joshua Tree Visitor Center Parking Lot
Exclusions: Park entrance fees and optional gratuities

2017 Rock Climbing Clinic Details

Clinic 1 – Climbing the Crag, Top-rope Climbing

We are setting up several top-ropes, running tie-in and belay test to ensure safety, go over basic gear needed and how it is used. The main focus throughout the day will be to cover fundamentals and differences between indoor and outdoor climbing. Outdoor rock climbing safety concerns, partner safety checks, proper tie-in and belay techniques and more. You will go home with a fresh new perspective of how outdoor climbing can be fun when done safely.

Clinic 2 – Climbing Technique

Clinic will focus on climbing technique and tips to help you move efficiently on vertical walls. Proper technique is one of the most important components of rock climbing that if skipped in the beginning stages of your climber’s training program – can cause long term issues. You will be climbing all day, while practicing correct use of techniques discussed. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 3 – Knots used for Climbing and Anchors

Clinic will focus on knots used for outdoor rock climbing, anchor building, ground anchoring, protection and friction. After practicing new knots, you will move on to using them on different scenarios and formations. One of the most comprehensive and popular clinics yet to exist. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 4 – Principles of Anchor building

Clinic will focus on safe anchor building, accessing the formation, what to use, what anchors to choose, etc. You will build anchors and break them apart. We will discuss bolted, natural and pro anchors. There is no better way to fully understand how to apply concepts learned, than to use them in a variety of formations while allowing you to improvise and figure out how to efficiently build your anchors. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 5 – Sport Lead Climbing

Clinic will address fundamentals and risks involved while leading sport routes, differences between indoor and outdoor lead climbing, proper clipping techniques, overcoming the fear of falling, safe ways to practice, how to determine your weaknesses and tackle them. Leading sport routes has additional risks that surpass those of top-rope climbing, so it is best practice to ensure you are doing so in the safest way possible to avoid incidents, injuries or death. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 6 – Cleaning Routes, Rappelling

Rappelling is one of the #1 leading causes of death in the climbing community. Not because of equipment failure, but because of human error. This clinic will address cleaning top-ropes, difference scenarios you will encounter when doing so outdoors, and how to rappel safely. You will review gear needed and how to keep yourself safe while cleaning a route. You are not required to lead routes to be able to clean them, so this clinic offers great benefit to climbers of all levels. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 7 – Traditional Lead Climbing

Clinic will focus on minimum gear required for traditional lead climbing, adequate gear inspection and storage, accessing rock quality, gear placement, and more. More so than sport climbing, traditional lead climbing takes the modern sport of rock climbing to a new level – therefore adding, not just more excitement, but also more risk. Good gear placement, adequate use of slings while “stitching-up” a route, route finding, rope management, and understanding how to minimize risks are just some of the few things you need to learn and practice before you start leading trad routes. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

Clinic 8 – Basic Self-Rescue

Clinic will focus on switching belay, escaping belay, assisting a climber, hauling systems, friction knots, and more. The more you know, the safer you and your partner will be. Get yourself out of tricky situations when professional help is unavailable. We will go over different scenarios, using our friends and climbing colleagues to practice different rescue scenarios, all under the supervision of expert and professional certified guides. Prior rope-climbing experience required.

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Unfortunately, all clinics are nonrefundable but they may be transferable. Please contact us by email to request a registration update. Only cancellations made by us due to bad weather conditions are eligible for a full refund.

If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or live chat 7 days a week.