How to save money on airline tickets

We all want to go on vacation often, but the price of purchasing flights these days can keep you sitting at home wishing for a miracle. 

You may have already tried all those online websites like Orbitz, CheapTickets, or even Yahoo Travel and went back over and over to see if maybe today will be the day that tickets will be half off. 

Well there is a very handy tool I came across the other day and I wouldn’t be writing about it, if I had not tried it myself first. Is simply an iPhone app – yes, I know it sounds nuts, but it works.

A couple of months ago I decided to download this app – Hopper. Just like any other iPhone app you have ever tried, I gave this one a shot, since is free and there is really nothing to lose. 

Hopper has a bunny logo, as in bunny hopper – very clever by the way. It is built and designed to predict, watch and book flights easily. But you may ask yourself, aren’t they all!? Well, this one works differently. 

I will share my story, so you can get an idea of how amazing this app is. And please don’t think I got paid for writing this, because they don’t even know how much I like them. 

I decided to put a few trips on my “hopper watch list”. All you need to do is search for flights, pick your dates and BAAM, you get immediate results from all airlines. 

But wait! It doesn’t stop there, you can add those searches to something they like to call “watch-list”. By doing this the app will instantly tell you whether to buy now or wait a little longer. It gives you a prediction on pricing, which varies by season and if they are going to go up or down. 

When you have an item on your watch-list, you cat set the app to send you notifications and once the prices go down you will get an immediate notification of the price reduction. You must act fast if the pricing does come thru as you wished, because the sales do not last long. 

How is this booking process different? You may ask. Well, I will tell you right now. As many years as I have spent using online services to book my flights, I have never experienced such an easy and painless way to book a flight. 

I put a trip from Los Angeles Airport to Puerto Rico on my watch-list, then it gave me an alert that it was on sale for $292! I could not believe it! I quickly went on the app thinking I was going to need a bunch of info, well not. All I needed to add was my name and credit card number. My flight was booked in less than two minutes. Quick and painless. 

I took my trip to Puerto Rico, had an amazing time. Spent my extra savings on tours and as soon as I got back, added all the other trips I want to take on my watch-list.

Give this app a try. It has really good ratings on the Apple Store and they definetly won my vote on awesomeness. You won’t regret it.

Happy Travels!