Because #climbers got to eat #healthy

Preparing for one our biggest #events of the #season

Make sure you eat well and rest your body before your next climb. Try not to eat anything at least 2 hours before you go up your first send. Once you have put food in your stomach, your body will start working hard to process your food and you will be on the wall thinking – “Where did all my energy go?!” Well, there you have it, your energy will focus on digesting, because processing food is way more important to your body than redpointing that next route.

Also, don’t forget that your muscles need water to regenerate scar tissue lost when working out – so dehydrating your body with beer or alcohol the night before may not help either, since your scar tissue regeneration usually happens in your sleep. I know, I know! Who doesn’t  like a beer after a long EPIC day?! Well, at least try to save it for after the fact… just once.

Because #climbers got to eat #healthy to #flash and #redpoint 👍💪 #rockclimbing #rockclimbeveryday #fruit #motivation #heathlyliving