Awesome Sunday

Rock Climb Every DayToday, we faced a challenge! Our new students are incredibly talented and super quick learners, so we were encouraged to raise the level of climbing UP to meet and exceed their expectations.

Not only does our class provide basic information to new climbers, but we also verify their skills and tailor our class to fit their demands.

On this awesome Sunday we met a crew that learned the basic knots, how to belay, climbers communication, and even more so how to move on rock using various technical movements. Not onlyRock Climb Every Day did they strive, but ended up climbing grades all the way up to intermediate and advance levels on their first day! Not something you frequently see around beginners.

We took them over to other areas of the park to give them variety and a taste of what a wonderful world is up at the summit climbing not just 40, but 70’ft walls! The views were incredible. Our students climbed to exhaustion. They went home with big smiles, great memories and we sure hope to see them out on the rocks  again very soon.