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RCED Climbing Club Membership

As part of our mission to promote fun, safe climbing, we invite you to join our climbing club. Offering a practical environment for climbers of all levels to test their mettle, especially those that are new to climbing outdoors.

Our Climbing Club is particularly great for avid outdoor enthusiasts, who grow tired of waiting for a partner to be available. Community members like you, who want to maximize their outdoor experience in a safe and supervised environment.

Prerequisites: Prior rope-climbing experience. Figure eight knot and belay test required.


  • First and foremost, get outdoors and climb real rocks!
  • Apply your annual fee, for the current year, as credit towards your first class and be automatically upgraded to our Lifetime Climbing Club Membership!
  • Make new friends in the climbing community
  • Check your email for invitations to Climbing Club events
  • Expert advice on gear and education programs
  • Cool selection of routes to match your skills set
  • Exclusive supervision and route set-ups by our certified staff members

The Climbing Club That Cares About Your Safety

Before joining a climbing club ask questions; are the club leaders certified instructors? Is their certification nationally or internationally recognized? Are the group events supervised? These are all important details you need to know and study before joining a climbing club. Do we offer all these? Yes we do - and more.

Why take your chances with anyone else? Rock climbing has inherit risks. Make good decisions and build your skills in an environment that follows today's safety standards.

If you have never taken a climbing course with us, signup for our climbing club OR signup for a climbing class here. All RCED Classes include a Lifetime Club Membership.

Club Fee: $49/year
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How long is my membership for?

Annual Memberships are good for 1 year from purchase and auto-renew. However, once you have taken a climbing class with Rock Climb Every Day, you are automatically upgraded to our Lifetime Membership, which does not expire.

Lifetime Club Members get over $500 in value and savings, plus 20% off future services and more. If you are an Annual Club Member and you complete any of our climbing courses, your membership status will automatically be upgraded to Lifetime.

What is the difference between Club Memberships and RCED Services?

Climbing Club Membership gives you the opportunity to meet us, climb with us, and get outdoors. It is a great way to polish your skills and make new friends.

RCED Services have specific fees, smaller student to guide ratios, and offer a personalized experience. Services are for individuals who want to further their education, increase their skills with certified professional or simply plan a fun guided climbing trip. Services  include all rental equipment needed to climb outdoors.

What other items are not included in the club membership?

Club membership does not cover or include food, drinks, transportation, lodging, park entrance fees, or parking passes. You are responsible for planning ahead.

Do I need to bring climbing gear, or is gear provided?

We do not provide climbing equipment for climbing club events (rental equipment is only provided for RCED Services; guided adventures and classes). You will need to bring your own climbing equipment to our club events. Our staff members will bring a handful of gear to set up anchors and some ropes. In most cases, having your own harness, climbing shoes and belay equipment will be enough to get outdoors and climb with us. We want to encourage you to ask questions about equipment, it will help you decide what equipment you will need or want to buy in the future.

How many trips do you guys plan per month?

We plan several trips a month, mostly on weekends. During peak seasons and holidays we will plan at least one trip per month.

How many people come out on club trips?

Some events end up being as small as five members or as big as twenty members. The more attendees, the more staff members we have out on the field. We know you have a busy life and may not be able to attend every single event we plan, but our events will continue happening and your chance to join us will always be there.

What climbing locations do you guys visit?

Since we're based in southern California, our favorite destination is Joshua Tree National Park, a.k.a. climbers' playground. It is considered a world-class climbing destination with over 8,000 routes and 400 rock formations; most of our trips are planned here.

On occasion, we visit Big Bear, Barstow, Lone Pine, Bishop, Apple Valley, and several out-of-state areas.

How do I cancel my annual membership?

To cancel your Annual Club Membership, simply email us with "Membership Cancellation Request" on the subject line and your membership details on the message body: member's name and email address. Please note that cancellations are processed immediately for the following year; your membership will no longer auto-renew.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on annual memberships- no questions asked. After 30 days or if membership is used as credit towards a class, no refunds will be given. To request a refund, email us with "Refund Request" on the subject line and your membership details.

Have additional questions?

Email us with "Membership Questions" on the subject line and your membership details on the message body; name and email or call 818-570-0481.